RegExes in Ruby — A Brief Summary

Me when I see a RegEx

This is a brief overview of the Ruby class Regexp. However, regexes other languages (JavaScript, Python, etc) are similar.

There are 3 things we need to recognize to start understanding regexes.

What if we need to match the special characters?


We want {4} digits \d followed by -. All of that {3} times, ending with {4} digits \d.
dash_numbers looks for a dash followed by {4} digits \d
.match? is trying to find {16} digits \d in a row, and will just return “true” or “false”


chamelion.gsub(‘green’, new_color)
In both lines 3 and 5, we are just trying to match any lower-case vowels

Assigning Variables!

This is quite exciting
.scan returns every chunk of {4} digits \d

How else can regexes be useful?

What can regexes help you do?

Potential Problems


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